Monday, September 7, 2009

Marvel vs. Disney Universe

The fan boys are still going crazy over Disney buying Marvel and they all can’t help but speculate how Disney will change the face of their favorite comic company. I too have been thinking about the profound changes that this seemingly unholy union will bring to comic books, pop culture, and the nation’s current economic status. I’ve thought carefully and I’v came to the conclusion that this is Disney’s chance to make a really great video game and they should call it Marvel vs. Disney Universe.

Marvel vs. Disney Universe would be a 2D side scrolling fighting game much like Marvel vs Capcom 2 (MvC2) where it pits characters from both franchises head to head in a battle royal. Like most fighting games the plot doesn’t matter, so I’m not even going to bother justifying why the lovable Disney characters want to pick a fight with the Marvel ones. Here’s what I did, I picked 10 characters from each franchise for various reasons. On the Disney side I tried to be fun and creative with my picks because not every character is suited to be a fighter. Just think about it, other than you’re standard punches and kicks what would Sleeping Beauty do? On the Marvel side, I mostly picked characters that have or are going to have high budget movies because I can see Disney using a game like this as a marketing opportunity.


Snow White-I felt she could have a really fun fighting mechanic. Instead of directly controlling Snow White on the screen, your button combos would trigger one of the seven dwarfs to come out and attack for her. Think of the fighting style similar to Olimar from Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSMBB), but with very aggressive Pikmen.

King Mickey-Mickey from Kingdom Hearts with his key blades swinging would be excellent. He would also use magic and showcase acrobatics that would make even Yoda from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones jealous.

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers-That’s right the Rescue Rangers are back! Chip and Dale would fight together much like the Ice Climbers from SSBB. They would use attacks that played of each other and use items like magnifying glasses and acorns to pummel their enemies. They would also use weapons made from household items created by Gadget their rodent equivalent of James Bond’s Q.

Hanna Montana-Yes even Hanna Montana or the next rising Disney star has a place in this game. Miss Montana would would use her guitar to assault the other characters and sing catchy tunes that would put her opponent into a star stuck daze long enough to perform a deadly combo.

GizmoDuck- GizmoDuck is perfect for this game. He would be a silly character that would roll around shooting boxing gloves and he would be able to fly above characters with his helicopter hat and drop lamps on their heads.

Buzz Lightyear-I had to throw a Pixar character into game and Buzz is sure to deliver. He can fly around on his jet pack and use laser beams, rockets and homing missiles to subdue his enemies.

Kim Possible-The teen heroine will wear her battle suit which will allow her to shield against energy blasts and morph her hands into various objects like baseball bats or lacrosse scoops.

The Beast-Eh, I just wanted to throw in a character with a lot of brute force into the game and I think the Beast from Beauty and the the Beast is a good choice. The Beast would have a similar moves to Blanka from Street Fighter.

Maleficent-She would be in her dragon form and she will be the biggest character in the game. Tail whips, green fire, and a bevy of arial attacks would make her a hard one to beat, but her giant size would would make her the slowest and easiest character to hit in the game.

Jafar-This is pre-genie Jafar so he will use his serpent staff for his melee attacks, but don’t worry he will be able to conger up magic spells and shoot fire balls.


If you’ve played MvC2 then you know the characters move sets, if you haven’t check out some youtube videos of the game

Spider-Man-Spider-Man 4 is coming and even though I don’t like playing as Spidy in MvC2 I couldn’t imagine a Marvel game without him.

Iron Man-The billion dollar playboy is back for this brawl and he’s ready to use his high tech weaponry to win.

Wolverine-Everyone is still in love with Wolverine so with a heavy heart I must put Wolverine on the roster.

Psylocke-I picked Psylocke because I love her and I don’t see why I can’t put a character I like into a game that I created.

Storm-It would be a great injustice if I didn't put one of the most powerful and well respected mutants in the game.

Deadpool-Meh, I don’t actually care about Deadpool, but he is getting a movie so he’s in the game too. Deadpool would essentially take the place of Cable from MvC2.

Captain America-Of course Captain America is in this game, it would be unpatriotic if he wasn’t.

Gambit-Gambit has a huge following, but no one seems to know what to do with him in the movies so here’s hoping that Gambit gets a X-men Origins remix.

Emma Frost-The White Queen (not in hooker attire, this is Disney after all) would be a fun and interesting addition to the game because of her diamond form and various things she could do with her psychic attacks.

The Human Torch-Despite what Smokey the Bear says, playing with fire is fun.

The list for characters goes on and on with some of my other favorite picks which include Darkwing Duck, Ariel, Dash from the Incredibles, Dr. Strange, and the Scarlet Witch. I boiled it down to these 20 characters because I thought it would be amusing to see them fight. I also thought the 20 characters I chose had the potential of having well balanced moves without any one character feeling unstoppable. Now I doubt Disney would approve of their warm fuzzy G rated characters going toe to toe with the graphically violent marvel characters, but if by some weird aligning of the planets a game similar in concept happens, then the Marvel merger was definitely worth it. OK maybe I wouldn't go that far and say the merger was worth it, but I would appreciate Disney a more than I do now. If this game were to exist who would you put in it?

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