Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Broke: A Strategy Guide for Reading Comics

So I keep hearing that we are in an economic crisis and you know what, it’s sort of true. I mean, working at a Hallmark part-time moving boxes isn’t what I went to college for, but I’m not complaining since I know people who don’t even have that much. To do my part in helping people in this time of emergency I’ve come up with 5 ways for you to get your hands on the comic books you crave.

Here are my top 5 ways for you read comics with little to no money hassles

5. Make a budget-Get a job (yeah, yeah easier said then done), but you can always suck it up and work at that sketchy McDonalds down the street. If you save a mere 10% of your paycheck you will be reading all your favorite comics in no time.
  • Pros: 10% isn’t that much so you can continue having random fits of splurging and buy things like video games or those $80 pair of jeans.
  • Cons: You have to work (do I need to say more?)

4. Go to your public library-Oddly enough libraries have a large section devoted to comics and I was surprised by my own libraries diverse selection.
  • Pros: You can check-out comic books so you can read them on your own time; it’s free.
  • Cons: You’re reading selection is limited to what the library orders; the books aren't always current; over due fines are a pain in the butt; don’t forget it is a public library so you’re going to have to fight other people to check out books; some comics will be very used and discolored because of kids putting their snotty fingers all over the pages.

3. Go to your local bookstore-Barnes and Noble and Borders are great places to read your comics and there’s usually a coffee shop inside the store so you can enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee while you leisurely flip through your comic.
  • Pros: Most of the comics are current; comfortable oversized chairs to sit in
  • Cons: Might not have earlier books within a series; some of the books you want to read will be in shrink rap (don’t open them, that’s a no no) and despite the coffee shop creating ambiance you will also have to contend with screaming kids, shuffling feet, and confused customers asking for staff assistance.

2. Ask a friend-What are friends for? In this case borrowing.
  • Pros: It’s like checking books out from the library without those pesky over due fines.
  • Cons: If you make a habit of borrowing comics from your friends without sharing something in return, your friends will think they’re being taken advantage of and you might just see your friendship end.

(well not these friends, but you know what I mean)

1. Ask your family- Your family is your best bet for getting free comic books. Birthdays, graduations, or a bribe to keep an eye on crazy Grandma Sue are all good reasons to get comics from family members.
  • Pros: It’s the simplest and easiest way to own comic books.
  • Cons: You must wait for a special event to occur; won’t work if you’re the blacksheep of the family.

(I wish my family was this cool)

If you use these 5 strategies the failing economy won't get you down (well, at the very least it shouldn't keep you from reading comics)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Got a date for Valentines?

Hey nerds, in the mood for love? If so, Diet Dr. Pepper and Yahoo are teaming up to bring you the love you deserve at a Dave and Buster’s near you. The event is called Love at First Sip and it’s a night of speed dating, mystery encounters, and video games. Unfortunately, you don’t get a game card for participating and personally that’s a deal breaker for me, but if you really want to find that special someone or a fan of traveling you should give it a shot. The grand prize for the newly formed couple is trip to Paris France(Woot, Woot).

Don’t be alone on Valentines Day like my friend who will inevitably drink herself into a stupor (highly not recommended), go find some loving at Dave and Buster’s because even if it doesn't work out you can always take your frustration out on nearest Time Crisis or Tekken 4 game. Love at First Sip is coming to Chicago February 13th at the Dave and Busters in Addison. For official rules and other locations (for those of you not in the chicagoland area) click here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heroes Volume 4: Fugitives

For my birthday, NBC decided to air an episode of Heroes that wasn’t terrible (aww thanks NBC how did you know that’s what I wanted?) There were many complaints from fans that the first half of the the season entitled Villains had become to much like soap opera and they were right. It was a roller coaster ride filled with dramatic “I’m not your father” and “I’ll kill you” moments. If the actors had done a better job of staring at each other with a fiery passion I would have sworn I was watching a good telenovela , but I digress. If you’re wondering if this weeks episode played out like a soap you better believe it did, but it didn’t seem as over the top as previous episodes


This time the heroes (or people with abilities since I’m not willing classifying Stacy as a good guy just yet) have been thrown together to fight the evil plots of Nathan (or as I like to call him, Hitler) as he rounds up all of the people with abilities and tries puts them into concentration camps. Clearly, the plot is going to follow an "us" verses "them" theme and we going to watch the “heroes” try to make normal lives for themselves as they attempt escape persecution.

Things we learned from this weeks episodes were
  1. We finally learn that Peter steals power by touch and I can now officially call him Rouge
  2. Powers can evolve at will a.k.a. Parkman, the resident psychic, can now draw the future. (On a side note, why does everyone who can see the future on this show have to paint or draw it? Why can’t they just have visions or perform an amusing shadow puppet play of the events that will unfold?) 
  3. It was confirmed once again the Claire's father is a colossal jerk and Nathan has finally gone off the deep end.

Final Thoughts

Ehhh what else am I going to do on Monday nights other than watch the Big Bang Theory?