Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boxed In Reveiw

Boxed in for the iPhone or iPod touch is your basic move box onto switch open door puzzle game. You take control of a tiny robot and the point of the game is to collect the gears scattered through out the level and to get him past obstacles to reach the portal situated somewhere on the level

Game Play

You move your tiny avatar by dragging your finger where you want him to go. On the ground are color coordinated switches that correspond with the colored forcefields; obviously, you need to push a box on the red switch to make the red forcefield go away. You can’t pull the boxes so if you shove one into a corner you can't get it out which adds a little difficulty to the game. Once you have moved all the appropriate boxes, deactivated the forcefields, and collected all the gears you are ready to move on to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s a good solid puzzle game and it’s challenging enough to be fun without me wanting to throw my iPhone on the ground and stomping on it. Thank goodness too because I don’t think I can afford another iPhone. I’m giving Boxed In 4 over worked robots out of 5.

Oh yeah, the full version is free for a limited time so I would download it ASAP.

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