Monday, March 3, 2014

Captain America Man Out of Time

In honor of the Captain America 2 movie I decided to read Captain America Man Out of Time. Yes, I know the Captain America 2 movie follows the Winter Solider story arc, but I couldn't get my hands on that comic. Plus, this comic was written by Mark Waid, who is doing an excellent job on Daredevil, and I wanted to read more of his work. So here's my review...I kind of liked it.

Game Review: ImmorTall

About a year ago I found this great flash game by Pixelante called ImmorTall. The game takes about five minutes to play and when I was done I wanted to cry. Ok maybe not cry, that's not manly, but it sort of left me with this weird sad feeling. It's a very simple game, but a very good one. You, an alien from another planet, have crashed on a war torn earth. It is up to you, if you choose, to protect a family of four from the violent world that threatens to kill them. I don't want to say more because I'm afraid it might ruin the experience. I will say that the haunting music and the beautiful graphics play perfectly into the game's theme. Even though none of the characters speak, the game says a lot. Hit the jump to play the game.