Monday, September 14, 2009

Katamari Forever Soundtrack

It’s coming, don’t you hear it? It's the rumbling sound of everything created on God’s green earth getting rolled up into a giant ball and then flung into space. Yes, the Prince is back for his latest installment on the PS3 in Katamari Forever. If you’ve never played a Katamari game stop reading right now and go to your local Game Stop and buy a used copy. Seriously, I’ll wait for you to come back....

Alright, the game is pretty simple, as you now know (because you bought the game), you control a giant sticky ball that has the ability to pick up anything. The items that you can pick up run the gambit of the mundane like cars, balloons, and airplanes to the bizarre like ninjas, bears on unicycles, and giant sea monster squids. Now I’m not here to preview Katamari Forever which comes out September 22, instead, I’m here to showcase some of the game's music. As always for the Katamari series, the game features a funky and distinctly Japanese soundtrack that keeps you humming and tapping your toes hours after you’ve finished playing. The music this time around focuses on clever remixes from the previous title, We Heart Katamari, along with some of its own quirky originals. The YouTube clip is an 8-bit remix of A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic and is so far my favorite song from the new game...enjoy.

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