Monday, March 3, 2014

Captain America Man Out of Time

In honor of the Captain America 2 movie I decided to read Captain America Man Out of Time. Yes, I know the Captain America 2 movie follows the Winter Solider story arc, but I couldn't get my hands on that comic. Plus, this comic was written by Mark Waid, who is doing an excellent job on Daredevil, and I wanted to read more of his work. So here's my review...I kind of liked it.

Game Review: ImmorTall

About a year ago I found this great flash game by Pixelante called ImmorTall. The game takes about five minutes to play and when I was done I wanted to cry. Ok maybe not cry, that's not manly, but it sort of left me with this weird sad feeling. It's a very simple game, but a very good one. You, an alien from another planet, have crashed on a war torn earth. It is up to you, if you choose, to protect a family of four from the violent world that threatens to kill them. I don't want to say more because I'm afraid it might ruin the experience. I will say that the haunting music and the beautiful graphics play perfectly into the game's theme. Even though none of the characters speak, the game says a lot. Hit the jump to play the game.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: Batman The Court of Owls

I’m not a fan of Batman. I can’t stand the brooding and all the drama that comes with Old Batsy trying to do everything by himself. Why build a team of children if you’re not going to use them? The only time Batman is palatable to me is when he is paired up with Superman. The dynamic between DC’s two power houses is great and often funny because of the clash between their radically different personalities. The Superman/Batman series is a perfect example of these two heroes working together...for the most part. So when a friend told me to check out the Batman Night of the Owls crossover extravaganza, I basically brushed it off. Eventually I caved (mainly out of boredom) and gave Batman: The Court of Owls Volume 1 a chance to dazzle me and boy did it dazzle.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Featured Art: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance SD-c by DRa90NBoi. Check out more work by DRa90NBoi on his DeviantART page by clicking here. Awwww isn't the Marvel universe adorable when it's tiny.

Featured Music: Morning Thinker

OC Remix of Morning Thinker from the game Silent Line: Armored Core. Remixed byDragonAvenger