Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The New Face of the Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds is going to play the Green Lantern! I must have been sleeping because this was announced back in July and I’m just learning about it now. Let me just rub the sleep out of my eyes, OK thats better. Lets think about Reynolds as our hero in green, I have nothing against Reynolds being the green power house, but he never struck me as the Green Lantern type. Hal Jordan (I hope it’s Hal and not Guy Gardner) seemed kind of serious and I’m sure Reynolds can play serious roles, but I’ve only seen him as the goofy guy with an arsenal of decent jokes. By the way, whatever happened to Reynolds being in the X-Men Origin's spin off Deadpool? I wonder how he will be able to play both roles since Deadpool and Green Lantern are set to be in production around the same time. In news that is actually new, the Green Lantern movie is having some problems with it’s budget. The movie is ready to be filmed in Australia, but due to the rise of the the Australian note the movie could see a loss of 15 to 25 million U.S. dollars in currency exchange (yikes). Anyways congratulations Ryan, seeing as how you're going to be in four different comic book movie adaptations you are clearly the poster boy for the comic book movie genre.

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  1. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor, I just hope that he represent as well as possible Green Lantern, because he is an american icon.