Wednesday, December 17, 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

I was clicking around on youtube and I found the trailer for the new Wolverine movie. I have no idea how long this trailer has been floating around on the interweb so this post might be old news.

I might be making a few enemies here, but this movie looks soooooooooooooooo unbelievably bad. Am I really to believe that the scrawny guy in red with the swords is the assassin Deadpool? And I know everyone is excited to see Gambit, but who said it was OK for him to look like Willy Wanka? (mmm chocolate) To save face with the comic book nerds (or just me) I hope the creators put at least one mutant from Alpha Flight in the movie. It could be a good segue into a sequel (if this movie doesn't fall flat on its face).


  1. You seriously are my enemy now. I will destroy you with my kinetic energy the next time we meet. Deadpool is scrawny! No my pet, and Gambit is a purple-wearing pimp. Did you see him do that thing he does with his staff? Magic, my friend, magic.

  2. Well I'm still going to see the movie. With my expectations so low I dont see how the movie could possibly upset me. Maybe it will surprise me and perhaps all the miscellaneous cameos by mutants who shouldnt be there will make sense. I'm talking to you Blob and Emma Frost.

  3. Don't forget Cyclops and Storm's cameos. Cause they should really be there too...