Wednesday, April 20, 2011

C2E2 2011: After Thoughts

Oh yeah, C2E2 is back...well it has passed, but I’ve got to write about it anyways so here we go. C2E2 returned to Chicago’s McCormick Place back in March (Yes, I’m late with this review, but I had a good reason...My dog ate it. What! You don’t believe me? Well, I don’t have time to explain the digestive nature of a dog that may or may not be real). C2E2 was even better the second time around and that’s saying a lot considering how great it was last year. This being the second year of the cons existence, it obvious that the people in charge were taking notes from last year. So what made C2E2 even better? I’ll sum it up in one word...variety. Yes, there was a little something for everyone, from the hardcore comic book nerd to the casual bystander who might say, “comic what?” anyone who walked through C2E2's doors would have been pleasantly surprised. 

For The Rock Stars
Ever have a dream of being a rock star? I know I have, and thanks to C2E2 I can officially check that dream off the list. The second you walked into the convention you were greeted by an empty stage full of instruments and one goal, to rock out. For all three days the Rock Band stage was open to anyone brave enough to climb up on the stage and drum, strum, or sing their heart out for a cheering crowd.

For The Gamers
Got a 20 sided die? C2E2 had one, actually, it had a lot. Opposite of the main convention area there was a another area for playing games. There were a lot of role playing games similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons as well as card games like Magic. I tried to play a brand new, never been seen before table top game, but after a couple of minutes I felt very out of place. Thankfully, on the other side of the room, I was rescued by a Playstation 3 and copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3. 
For The Nerds
The main area was a sight to behold. Marvel and DC seemed to own a large chunk of the main area. Marvel was doing it’s best to show off their upcoming movie Thor, while DC was giving away comics like they were candy. Both sides also had a lot of their artists and writers autographing their current work. Of course what comic convention wouldn’t be complete without nerdy memorabilia to buy. I mean, who doesn’t look good in a Green Lantern T-shirt or in Thor’s Helmet?

For the Fearful
Unfortunately, I seem to developing some kind of agoraphobia because I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people attending this years C2E2. During the more crowded moments of C2E2, I made a hasty retreat to several of the comic book panels. There was a large selection of panels to choose from. There was the ever so popular “Cup O’ Joe” where anyone could ask Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada anything about Marvel. There was a panel about how to get into the comic book biz, and there was a panel about the future of comic books. Sadly you couldn’t attend all the panels because they conflict with other panels so you had to choose wisely.
For Everyone Else
Costumes! Yes costumes, and like last year they were fantastic. Men, women, and children all walking around dressed as their favorite heroes and villains, they really made the con come alive. Oh and the art was cool too, with giant murals being painted on the floor and artists creating drawings for people on the fly. Also, some of the panels had nothing to do with comic books, but rather, popular TV shows like Chuck. While I’m sure that costumes, art, and TV shows could easily apply to the other categories of C2E2 goers, I believe to the non-comic book fan, these things would standout the most and leave them with a positive impression of comic book conventions.

For Those Who Like Endings
So there you have it, C2E2 in a nutshell. While this article is finished, C2E2 is far from being done. I can already tell that the third year of C2E2 is going to phenomenal just by how much it has progressed from last year. I can’t wait for next year to come around and hopefully next time my “dog” wont eat anymore of my blog posts.

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