Friday, April 22, 2011

My Thoughts on the Green Lantern Movie Trailer

This looks awful! The end.

What? I need to write more? Fine, it looks really awful, is that better?


Alright, well this youtube video is from 2011’s Wondercon and it shows off some of the more flasher aspects of the Green Lantern movie. I‘m a huge fan of Green Lantern, because who wouldn’t like to see the bad guys get stopped by a giant green pair of floating scissors? While I think the rapper Common would make a better John Stewart than Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, I really have no room to complain about which Green Lantern is in the 1st movie because Hal Jordan is obviously Earth’s first Green Lantern. What I can complain about is the over use of CGI. The alien worlds do not look appealing and I fear that the movie might fall into the same trap G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra fell into with its big crazy effects, but little to no plot. Will I go see the movie? Of course, but I have no expectations that this will be a good movie. Have a look for yourself and decided if I’m right or wrong.

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