Monday, March 8, 2010

Psychic Pinball

Yes! Read the title again....psychic pinball, welcome to the 21st century everyone, lets play some video games. The research group, Berlin Brain-Computer Interface (BBCI), demonstrated the results of their hard work by plugging a person's brain waves directly into a pinball machine with a portable EEG hat. In order to control the pinball flippers, the player only needs to think of moving their right hand to move the right flipper and think of moving their left hand to move the left flipper. In the video below, the player looks like he has complete control of the flippers with little or no lag time between his thoughts, and the pinball machine's action.

This has some serious real world applications as it will advance prosthetic technology by leaps and bounds. In all seriousness, we’re about to reach the age of cyborgs, one day robotic arms will be more useful then our real ones. Think about it, it’s a hot summer day and you need to cool off, “Oh look, my right hand transforms into a fan and my left foot makes the best cherry slushies ever!” Wow, isn’t the future great.
While I don’t think BBCI's research will be invading our home consoles anytime can breathe easy Wii Motion Plus, Project Natal, and Sony’s Motion Controller, it’s cool to think about where this technology can take us. It looks like my prediction of a real life Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robot fighting game isn’t too far off, so maybe I do have some clairvoyance in me. To see the possible future of video games yourself, check out BBCI's demonstration of a guy going Jean Grey all over a pinball machine.

(Source: The Escapists)

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