Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nintendo’s 3DS: 3-D Gaming in Your Pocket

All right people, what’s up with 3-D being such a big deal. Almost every animated movie now a days needs to be 3-D, but you know what, they don’t, especially if the 3-D affects look gimmicky. Anyways, Nintendo has jumped on the 3-D bandwagon again, lets not forget the Virtual Boy fiasco, and is upgrading the DSi to resemble what I can only imagine as a 3-D pop-up book for Nintendo’s little handheld. Don’t believe me, then check out this official announcement from Nintendo...did you read it? Well if you could, kudos to you because I can’t read japanese, but I can clearly read the 3DS in bold, so there’s something special going on.

According to Crunch Gear, the Nintendo 3DS will include two cameras and will be backward compatible with DS/DSi games. The best part about the 3DS is you won’t need to wear those awkward red and blue glasses to enjoy the game’s 3-D graphics, so I’m anxious to see how Nintendo is going to pull that off. Right now, there are no specs, pics, or prices for the 3DS, but more information is bound to come at E3. Here’s to hoping the 3DS is as cool as I think it will be, and also, here’s to hoping that the 3-D graphics won’t melt my eyes out or send me into an epileptic seizure like a a certain Pokémon I know.

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