Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday

This is a last second post for you last second shoppers. As you may or may not know Black Friday is this week. Just in case you don’t know, Black Friday is when stores have ridiculous sales on items like game systems and other useful items. Today I’ve put together guidelines for you, the unsuspecting consumer, to survive Black Friday if you choose to participate in this wondrous event.

1. Check out BlackFriday.info. It has a list of stores and items that will be sold at discounted prices.

2. Check the time when the store opens. Most stores open early on Black Friday so be prepared to greet the sun in the morning.

3. Get to the store 1-2 hours before it opens. If you want to have a chance of getting whatever you want this is a must. Don’t forget the more popular the item, like an X-Box, Wii, or PS3, the more people you will have to fight to get it. Unfortunately, electronics go first so I recommend you get to the store two hours early.

4. Take a friend. Very important since you might get bored (a DS or PSP can fix that problem too) but if you want to take a bathroom break, a buddy to hold your spot in line is invaluable.

5. Know where you’re going. You don’t want to be heading toward the school supplies aisle instead of the electronic area you may just miss getting what you came for.

6. Get ready to rumble. Be prepared for some desperate mothers clawing for boxes. A friend would be good to help deflect some of the attacks of the more aggressive mothers trying to buy their children’s love.

7. You only have one shot so make it count! Make sure what you’re looking for is in that particular store. You won’t have time to drive somewhere else because all you will find at the next store will be your shattered hopes for buying something dirt cheap.

If you follow these 7 guidelines you should come home with whatever you had your eye on. Good luck!

(Disclaimer: If you followed my 7 guidelines and you still didn’t get what you were looking for I’m sorry and I cannot be held responsible. Maybe you should have been more assertive and knocked over that old lady going after the same things you were)

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