Friday, October 2, 2009

Poll Results

The polls are in for “Who Wields the Power of Thunder Better, Storm or Thor?” And the winner is....THOR!!!!! It was a good try Storm, but a weather witch just can’t beat a Norse god whose title is God of Thunder. Lets all go to Valhalla and party down with the the victorious Thor.

This month question is, “Who is Faster, The Flash or Sonic the Hedgehog?” Is it the Flash who is faster than Superman or is it Sonic, who according to his Saturday morning cartoon theme is the fastest thing alive. The race to be the fastest is on and it’s up to you to decide a winner.

Here are two clips that let you compare the two speedsters...sorta.

This is an episode of The Justice League that really shows off the Flash's abilities. Start watching the clip at 2:08 and if you like what you see just keep watching the episode.

This is Sonic, the song explains it all.

If you feel strongly about one speedy hero being faster then the other then post a comment like the one below. Otherwise, thanks for clicking one of the options to the right.


  1. In the Flash clip, the Flash states that he is the fastest man alive while in the Sonic clip, the singer of that amazing rock ballad says that Sonic is the fastest thing alive, therefore Sonic should win since his qualifier of speed includes anything that moves while the Flash can only say he is the fastest man

  2. your forgetting that Sonic can't swim and the Flash (probably) can. that or he'll just run on top of the water which Sonic never does.

  3. u idiots its sonic, lets review.
    sonic normally runs at the speed of sound but he also sometimes goes about 1000 times faster than light so basically we can't see him, and super sonic about 10000 times faster than ligh. dark sonic need alot of zeros. now flash normally he runs at 600 miles per hour preety fast and in episode he went 100 times faster than light but sonic is still faster and if flash were to do that again he would die. so sonic will but flash is cool.