Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Watch for the Watchmen

As reported on G4, a federal judge ruled against Warner Bros. in their case with Fox studios over the distribution rights for Watchmen. Apparently, the script for Watchmen was passed through several studios that believed the movie would be impossible to make. It finally landed in the laps of the executives at Warner Bros. who dared to dream. Unfortunately, Fox Studios, who was the last to have the script before passing it off to Warner Bros., took their sweet time to say, “Hey, we still own some of the rights to this movie.” It’s now feared that the lawsuit will create a delay for the movies March release date. Scott Bowles, film writer for USA Today, predicted that the movie won’t be delayed, but Warner Bros. will have to cut a deal with Fox and split the profits. Pretty clever Fox, get someone else to make your movies then steal thier earnings. But be warned Fox, if you mess with the release date of the beloved Watchmen you may just experience some extreme nerd RAGE from its many fans.

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