Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heroes Volume 4: Fugitives

For my birthday, NBC decided to air an episode of Heroes that wasn’t terrible (aww thanks NBC how did you know that’s what I wanted?) There were many complaints from fans that the first half of the the season entitled Villains had become to much like soap opera and they were right. It was a roller coaster ride filled with dramatic “I’m not your father” and “I’ll kill you” moments. If the actors had done a better job of staring at each other with a fiery passion I would have sworn I was watching a good telenovela , but I digress. If you’re wondering if this weeks episode played out like a soap you better believe it did, but it didn’t seem as over the top as previous episodes


This time the heroes (or people with abilities since I’m not willing classifying Stacy as a good guy just yet) have been thrown together to fight the evil plots of Nathan (or as I like to call him, Hitler) as he rounds up all of the people with abilities and tries puts them into concentration camps. Clearly, the plot is going to follow an "us" verses "them" theme and we going to watch the “heroes” try to make normal lives for themselves as they attempt escape persecution.

Things we learned from this weeks episodes were
  1. We finally learn that Peter steals power by touch and I can now officially call him Rouge
  2. Powers can evolve at will a.k.a. Parkman, the resident psychic, can now draw the future. (On a side note, why does everyone who can see the future on this show have to paint or draw it? Why can’t they just have visions or perform an amusing shadow puppet play of the events that will unfold?) 
  3. It was confirmed once again the Claire's father is a colossal jerk and Nathan has finally gone off the deep end.

Final Thoughts

Ehhh what else am I going to do on Monday nights other than watch the Big Bang Theory?


  1. Claire's father is a colossal jerk

    Which one? The one who's rounding up the people with abilities, or the one who's helping the one who's rounding up the people with abilities?

  2. ahhh good point, I would have to say that both Nathan and Noah deserve the jerk of the year award (their mothers must be so proud)

  3. Clearly there are two themes in Heroes:
    1. When in doubt, Nathan's character can be raped to make him do whatever the plot requires. First season: bad guy, anti-hero, good guy buy the finale. Second season: anti-hero (alcoholic), then good guy (recovering alcoholic and personally my favorite incarnation). Third season: bad guy, and (I'm predicting) anti-hero by mid season. Makes me sad...I miss good Nathan.

    2. When in doubt, screw over Parkman. I mean c'mon. Loses his job, his estranged (pregnant) wife, his dream job...again, then his freedom, and then the woman he's supposed to love in the future. I mean, Matt's been screwed in the series so much it's not even funny.

    On the plus side, at least they're nothing trying to make Sylar good again...