Friday, October 31, 2008

Confessions of a Superhero

So it’s Halloween (Happy Halloween!) and I’ve been racking my brain about what I should write about on this special day where you can dress up like your favorite comic book or videogame character without looking like a total doof. It finally dawned on me to write a review of Mathew Ogens’ Confessions of a Superhero which shows the lives of four people who dress up like superheroes for a living.

Confessions of a Superhero directed by Matthew Ogens show the lives of four actors who have come to Hollywood to make their acting dreams come true. Unfortunately life is tough and broken dreams can’t pay the rent. The four actors dawn the mantle of their favorite Superheroes and panhandle in front of the Grumman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.

The movie mainly focuses on the Christopher Dennis who seems to have been enveloped by the Superman lore and has lost touch with reality (seriously, it’s a little scary how far this man goes to become Superman). Next in line for screen time is Maxwell Allen who portrays Batman. Maxwell also has his share of problems such as his uncontrollable anger and a failing marriage. It doesn’t help that Maxwell’s constant exposure to Christopher seems to have altered his thinking. The last two actors Jennifer Grant as Wonder Woman and Joe McQueen as The Hulk are not featured as much as the other two, especially Joe who is only used to highlight points that the other actors have made. Both Jennifer and Joe understand that their alter egos are a temporary fix and are seen going to casting calls while Christopher and Maxwell roam the streets hoping for money.

The documentary shows how four individuals with similar dreams can vary in the execution of their goals. From the Fantastic claims of Christopher to the down to earth wisdom of Joe, each hero finds their own way in the world.


Nothing special here. You can hear everyone speaking just fine. Sadly, the background music isn’t memorable or existent in some of the scenes.


Not bad either. It has your standard documentary feel with still photographs of our heroes out on the streets thrown into the mix.

Special Features

You mean the not so special features (ooooo I’m so witty). There were a lot of deleted scenes in the special features area, but when I started watching them I understood why they were cut….. they’re not interesting so don’t even bother with them.

So What Do I Say?

This was certainly not the whimsical movie I thought it would be when I was looking for movies to watch over the weekend. This was a serious film that took an in-depth look at human strife. At times the movie was frightening depressing because I could see a lot of myself in each of the characters, yet Ogens still adds some funny moments like Elmo getting arrested to keep the film's tone from being too melancholy. All in all I enjoyed the film and I’ll give the overall package a 3 I’ll Save the Days out of 5

(That means it got a 3 out of 5 if you don’t get my humor)

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